REFSQ Workshop

REFSQ (Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality) is a highly interactive forum for researchers and practitioners to address the problem of ensuring software quality through requirements engineering (RE). The last decade has seen improvements in our understanding of RE with better practices supported by better techniques, methods and tools. Despite these successes, many quality-related problems remain, while new challenges for RE constantly emerge. REFSQ seeks reports of innovative work in RE that contributes to the achievement of higher software quality. In particular, we encourage people from the requirements engineering, software engineering, information systems, and embedded systems fields to present their approaches to RE. 

REFSQ has become the second biggest event in requirements engineering after ICRE and ISRE merged in 2002. I was program co-chair for

and I was a PC member of

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of REFSQ in 2004, four papers were invited with the aim of giving a 10 year perspective on requirements engineering as a foundation for software quality. A free booklet on REFSQ’s 10th Anniversary in 2004 (100 pages) is available, containing:

In January 2008, Elsevier's Information and Software Technology (IST) journal contains a section with the best papers of REFSQ'05 and REFSQ'06 (Volume 50, issues 1-2, p 51-129, January 2008).

More information about future and past REFSQs is available at